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WABAG is to build a new drinking water treatment plant in Vietnam, which will serve some 3 million people in and around Hanoi

WABAG has captured an important order, worth USD 13 million, for the 150,000 m3/d Duong River Water Treatment Plant. This significant project aims to meet the clean water needs for about 3 million people in Hanoi and the surrounding provinces, and constitutes another high profile Vietnam – Oman Investment (VOI) undertaking as part of its expanding Vietnamese water portfolio. WABAG will complete the order on turnkey basis within an ambitious timescale of only 11 months.

The contract for the project was signed in October 2017 in Hanoi with the client “Duong River Surface Water Joint Stock Company” (SDWTP JSC). As a leading, international pure water technology company with more than 90 years of experience, WABAG will build the water treatment plant within eleven months and thus meet the pressing need of Hanoi’s population for a clean and stable water supply. Commissioning shall be completed subsequently in September 2018.

The raw water taken from Duong River in Hanoi is to be treated in a multi-stage system using proven technologies such as lamella clarifiers and dual media filters. WABAG is responsible for design & engineering, equipment supply, installation, commissioning, performance tests, training and technical assistance to the client.

The Duong drinking water plant represents a successful private investment in Vietnam’s water infrastructure. Moreover, for WABAG, this contract marks a successful entry into a new market in the municipal sector and constitutes the follow-up to a 2016 order worth over USD 20 million for an industrial water treatment plant, which provides the Long Phu 1 Thermal Power Plant in the Mekong Delta, the largest salt marsh area in Vietnam, with a reliable supply of industrial water supply.

Mr. Anil Sravat, Regional Director of WABAG, is naturally delighted by this latest success: “We are extremely proud of having won the trust of our client to carry out this important and urgently required project for the people of the Hanoi region.”

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