Nitrate removal from drinking water

Nitrate removal from drinking water

Above all, nitrate levels have risen sharply in the ground and surface water found in areas of intensive agricultural activity.
As is the case with all environmental problems, preventive measures are the only sustainable solution. However, nitrates remain in the soil for long periods and therefore, treatment plants are essential where the ground water is already polluted.

WABAG offers differing processes for nitrate removal:

All the processes demonstrate special strengths and therefore WABAG can provide ideal solutions, tailor-made to match specific environmental conditions and individual customer needs.

WABAG denitrification plants have already been in operation for many years. In 1997 two denitrification plants in Austria went into operation: the BIODEN® plant at Obersiebenbrunn in the Lower Austrian Marchfeld region and an ENR® plant at Kleylehof in northern Burgenland. Moreover, since the end of 2005, the nitrate-contaminated ground water supply to the Polish town of Czestochowa has been treated using the BIODEN® process.

Pilot tests in the Middle East have also demonstrated the suitability of WABAG’s processes for the denitrification of saline ground water.

Selected references:

Obersiebenbrunn (Austria)
BIODEN®, 4.320 m3/d

Czestochowa (Poland)
BIODEN®, 12.000 m3/d

Kleylehof (Austria)
ENR®, 3.456 m³/d



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