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CARBOPUR®, PACOPUR® for the elimination of micropollutants

Adsorption process with powedered (PAC) or granulated granulated activated carbon (GAC):

Micropollutants are adsorbed on the large activated carbon surface (adsorbents) and are thus eliminated along with the activated carbon.

The adsorbtion with powdered activated carbon can be combined with different filtration technologies:
PAC & Filtration: PACOPUR-SF®
PAC & Membrane filtration or Membrane Bioreactor: PACOPUR-MF®, PACOPUR-MBR®


  • The elimination of mostly non-polar compounds through the adsorption of the micropollutants into the activated carbon. The “loaded” carbon is disposed of, or regenerated and reused


  • Wastewater containing substances that pose a problem for ozonation (e.g. bromide).
  • COD/DOC reduction


  • Low electricity consumption
  • A robust process with limited maintenance and personnel´expenses
  • The additional operating cost saving potential provided by the return of the activated carbon to the biology.



» PACOPUR-SF®: Ergolz I treatment plant, Sissach, Switzerland: Retrofitting of a mechanical/biological WWTP
   with powdered activated carbon adsorption and deep bed filtration (sand filter) within the framework of an
   industrial scale pilot plant. Partner and equipment supplier for the industrial scale testing (2014/2015).
   40,000 p.e., inflow: 8,640 m3/d.

» PACOPUR®: Thunersee WWTP, Switzerland: Enlargement of a mechanical/biological treatment plant
   with PAC adsorption, sedimentation and filtration. WABAG is to realise the Lot deep bed filtration.
   70,000 m3/d, Start-up: 2018

» CARBOPUR®: Altenrhein WWTP, Switzerland: Enlargement of a mechanical/biological plant with ozonation and
   GAC adsorption/filtration. WABAG is providing the adsorption/filtration lot. 42,000 m3/d, Start-up: 2018

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Elimination of micropollutants

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