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CYCLOPUR® – SBR-process (Sequencing Batch Reactor)

A variation of the activated sludge process

As opposed to the conventional activated sludge process in which wastewater treatment takes place in various, linearly arranged tanks, the SBR process (Sequencing Batch Reactor) occurs sequentially in the same tank. The resulting typical process step sequence is as follows:

  • Filling and mixing or aeration
  • Aeration
  • Sedimentation
  • Withdrawal of the treated water

Due to the batch charging of the tanks, continuous wastewater treatment demands that an SBR plant consists of various SBRs and/or of a buffer tank.

The CYCLOPUR® SBR process is extremely flexible and suited to all types of wastewater and plant capacities.

The separate treatment of the nitrogen-rich return liquors from sludge treatment represents a special application, which allows increased overall nitrogen removal and a reduction in biological treatment stage loads. Nitrogen removal can be achieved either conventionally with an external substrate for denitrification or using the innovative Anammox process.
WABAG has realized various SBR plants for all the aforementioned applications.

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