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Modern wastewater treatment plants are highly efficient and their discharges are virtually solids-free. Sewage sludge is created as a resultant by-product and this possesses considerable potential for use as a source of energy and nutrients. However, a prerequisite for the employment of sewage sludge is correct treatment, which above al reduces or removes the high water content (> 95%), the pollutant load, pathogen bacteria and malodorous substances.

With our range of mature processes and plants these tasks can be fulfilled easily and in addition the potential of the sludge exploited. Two classic processes are available for correct sludge treatment:

Furthermore, WABAG has developed an innovative process for an even higher level of anaerobic sewage sludge stabilisation:

Sludge treatment facilitates a reduction in CO2

The treatment of sewage sludge makes a considerable contribution to environmental protection, due to the fact that fewer landfill emissions, comprised of active greenhouse gas, escape into the atmosphere. In terms of a city with 1 million inhabitants, the sustained anaerobic stabilisation of sewage sludge provides a reduction in greenhouse gases amounting to 70,000t CO2 equivalents.

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