Commissioning the largest drinking water treatment plant in Oman – Al Ghubra SWRO

Starting a decade ago its activities in the Sultanate of Oman, VA TECH WABAG is a reputed brand in the country today having executed challenging projects in all facets viz potable water, wastewater and industrial water segments. Recently, the company has completed commissioning its latest project – the Al Ghubra RO-Desalination plant, which is with a capacity of 191,000 m3/d the largest drinking water treatment plant in the country.

In February 2016, WABAG as part of consortium completed the commissioning of the 191,000 m3/day Sea Water RO plant at Al Ghubra. This is currently Oman’s largest drinking water plant. Al Ghubrah was completed as an EPC project by the “International Water Treatment LLC” (IWT) joint venture partners WABAG, Cadagua and Galfar. The plant has an innovative design that provides it with a compact footprint and employs technology that includes a two-pass reverse osmosis system with pre-treatment using dissolved air flotation (DAF) and dual media filters and included also a 1.5 km gravity sea water pipe line laid into the sea. This process chain means that the facility can remain fully operational even in the case of red tide events.

Due to an early commissioning of the first RO-skid the plant produced its first water already in July 2015 answering an acute lack of water. The commissioning of the entire plant was now completed mid of February 2016 by successfully passing the 30days trial run.

Starting a decade ago – building model-plants

WABAG started its activities in Oman a decade ago way back in 2005 with the execution of 54,000 m3/day Al Ansab STP for Haya Water, employing modern MBR-technology. The plant is under operation and it is still one of the largest MBR based plants running in the world today.

In 2011, WABAG completed a 6,000 m3/day Sea Water RO plant in Duqm for RAECo, which is the first membrane based pre-treatment RO system in Oman. It represents a state-of-the-art facility with a completely air conditioned RO hall. The project also has 1.3 km gravity sea water pipe line laid into the sea. Incidentally WABAG has been operating and maintaining the plant for the last 5 years.

Another unique RO-desalination plant was built for the new Sohar International Port Complex (SIPC) for MISC for the production of 20,000 m3/d process and potable water. A unique in-line plant design offers a no-break-tank-interim in the process. The plant supplies high quality process water to SIPC tenants and potable water to local residencies, starting in 2013.

Operation & Maintenance

Apart from the above WABAG offers professional plant management services and carries out O&M of RO plants and wastewater treatment plants in Oman. Currently the company is engaged in operating and maintaining 5 STPs outside Muscat for Haya Water.