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WABAG – a young company with long-term experience.

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

VA TECH WABAG GmbH resulted from the merger in 1999 of the water technology segment of the VA TECHNOLOGIE Group with that of DEUTSCHE BABCOCK. However, the WABAG brand actually dates back to 1924, when Max Reder founded the WABAG Wasserfilter-Bau in Breslau. Moreover, one of the tap roots of the current WABAG extends to the year 1868 and the founding of the Viennese company, Julius Overhoff, which was highly successful with its water treatment activities in the 1930s and in 1987, was integrated into the Austrian SGP AG. The emergence of VA TECH WABAG in 1999 marked the company’s transformation into a global player in the water and wastewater treatment sector with a global network of business units and a comprehensive product portfolio. Following a period of consolidation and change of ownership, WABAG is now active as an international player in key markets. Moreover, in October 2010, the company achieved another milestone in its history with the successful IPO in India of VA TECH WABAG Ltd..

This relatively turbulent history serves to demonstrate that international thought and action, as well as the ongoing acquisition of know-how, represent prerequisites for successful development and global competitiveness. Accordingly, we also wish to be the best possible partner for our customers in years to come.

Dynamism and tradition.

For us, these characteristics are not contradictory, but rather major factors for success. They constitute values that contribute to the optimum implementation of long-term experience and state of the art know-how to the benefit of our customers. Thus the focus on core competences and high-potential, strategic markets constitutes both your and our guarantee of top quality and perfect solutions.

Those that cease to improve, cease to be good.


1868 Foundation of the Julius Overhoff company in Vienna.
1924 Foundation of WABAG Wasserfilter-Bau in Breslau.
1930 Julius Overhoff launches its water treatment business in Austria.
1973 DEUTSCHE BABCOCK becomes WABAG’s majority shareholder.
1986/87 DEUTSCHE BABCOCK takes over WABAG in its entirety. Simmering Graz Pauker (SGP) AG takes over Overhoff GmbH.
1989 The Energy and Environmental Technology Division of SGP AG merges with VA Finalindustrie to form SGP VA Energie- und Umwelttechnik.
1991 WABAG Leipzig is founded as a fully-owned subsidiary of WABAG Kulmbach.
1992 SGP VA Energie- und Umwelttechnik and the Environmental Technology Division of Waagner Biro AG merge to form Austria’s largest energy and environmental technology company, Austrian Energy & Environment SGP/Waagner Biro GmbH.
1993 WABAG Salzburg branch founded.
1994 WABAG Brno founded.
1995 WABAG Kulmbach purchases the British company, WATER ENGINEERING LTD. and the Belgian company, STEP, with its branch in Tunisia, and also takes an interest in AEW ESMIL. A presence in India is created via BALCKE-DÜRR AND WATER TECHNOLOGIES LTD.
1996 Austrian Energy takes over Tetra Industrietechnik and the environmental activities of Sulzer Chemtech AG.
1997 Austrian Energy takes over the reverse osmosis desalination segment of Elin Energieversorgung, as well as 70% of the PURAQUA shares of Energie Steiermark.
1999 VA TECH/Austrian Energy purchases the remaining 30% PURAQUA shares of Energie Steiermark, as well as the WABAG Group from DEUTSCHEN BABCOCK AG. As the legal successor to Austrian Energy & Environment, the new VA TECH WABAG GmbH is fully owned by VA TECHNOLOGIE AG.
2004/05 VA TECH ELIN EBG assumes the industrial management of VA TECH WABAG. In the course of a restructuring process, international branches and holdings not corresponding to the strategy of focusing on core competences and core market regions (above all business units in Germany and France) are sold off or shut down.
2005 As a result of the merger between VA TECHNOLOGIE AG and SIEMENS, VA TECH WABAG GmbH becomes part of the SIEMENS Group.
2005 Sale of VA TECH WABAG India Ltd.: Management buyout together with ICICI Venture, a subsidiary of the ICICI bank, India’s largest private banking institution.
2007 On November 6, 2007 Siemens  sold all its stock in its fully owned subsidiary, VA TECH WABAG GmbH, Vienna to the Chennai-based VA TECH WABAG India Ltd. The reunification of the two WABAG companies means that with the new WABAG Group a significant player has emerged in the water technology with a workforce of around 1,500 at 18 locations around the world.
2008 Foundation of WABAG Water Services SRL in Romania and WABAG Water Services Limited in Macao.
2009 Foundation of a WABAG subsidiary in the PR China: “Beijing VA TECH WABAG Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd.”
2010 Foundation of a WABAG subsidiary in Istanbul, Turkey: VA TECH WABAG SU TEKNOLOJÝSÝ VE TÝCARET LÝMÝTED ÞÝRKET
2010 VA TECH WABAG Ltd. goes public:
22.9.2010: Start of IPO (Initial Public Offering) in India.
13.10.2010: Listing of the WABAG shares on National Stock Exchange.




Foundation of VA TECH WABAG Egypt LLC, Cairo

Foundation of VA TECH WABAG (Philippines) Inc., Makati City

Foundation of VA TECH WABAG (Spain), S.L., Madrid

WABAG entering into a new market: first order in Tanzania: 130 MLD Upper Ruvu Water Treatment Plant, 40 Mio. US$


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