The Company

WABAG Philippines


Unit 519, 5F Peninsula Court Building,                                                   Management: Coleridge Shelley
8735 Paseo de Roxas, Makati City 1226, Philippines

Tel.: +63(2) 8446979 | 8443393 | 8434118


WABAG Philippines is a wholly owned subsidiary of WABAG India. It was incorporated on 5th May 2011 for stepping up activities in the growing markets of Philippines and neighboring countries like Vietnam and Cambodia. Mr. Coleridge Shelley is the Country Head.

WABAG Philippines is based on Multi Domestic Unit (MDU) model which is a classic example of cross-unit collaboration. WABAG Philippines successfully secured orders for Design & Build of sewage treatment plants with SBR & in-house FLUOPUR® Technology as well as for the large-scale drining water treatment plant Putatan.


  • Bagbag – Sewage Treatment Plant with SBR technology, 10,400 m3/d. DBO. Start-up: 2014
  • Tatalon – Sewage Treatment Plant with SBR technology, 8,100 m3/d. DBO. Start-up: 2013
  • Dona Imelda –Sewage Treatment Plant with FLUOPUR® technology 6,000 m3/d. DBO. Start-up: 2014
  • Ilugin – Sewage Treatment Plant with SBR technology, 100,000 m3/d. DBO. Start-up: 2015
  • Putatan – Drinking water treatment plant. 100,000 m3/d. Start-up: 2015
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