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WABAG Turkey


Oruç Reis Mah., Tekstilkent Cad. No: 12
Koza Plaza A-Blok Kat: 8 No: 29-32
34235 Esenler
Ýstanbul / Türkiye

Tel: +90 212 438 12 26
Fax: +90 212 438 12 36

Executive management:

Mahmut Gedek


WABAG has been active in Turkey for over 30 years. Its initial projects in the 1980s involved municipal drinking water plants and these were followed by contracts for industrial water and wastewater treatment, as well as a thermal desalination plant in Marmara. Since 2000, the company focus has been on the planning, construction and operational management of municipal wastewater treatment plants. Major projects such as the large-scale Kayseri and Adana West & East plants have been completed within the framework of DBO concepts.

For many years, WABAG maintained a sales office in Ankara until in October 2010 this was replaced through the foundation of a company subsidiary in Istanbul. WABAG offers its complete product and services portfolio in the Turkish market. The main emphasis is on the planning, construction and operational management of municipal water and wastewater treatment plants, anaerobic sludge treatment plants with optimised energy recovery and tailor-made solutions for industrial plants.

With the current order successes for the turnkey realization of a new drinking water treatment plant in Izmir, operation & maintenance of the large-scale drinking water treatment plant Catalan in Adana, and the entire wastewater management in Adana, Gaziantep and Istanbul, WABAG has advanced to become one of the most important suppliers in the Turkish water technology branch.

Selected references:

  • Istanbul: Operations & maintenance of all wastewater treatment plans and pumping stations: Start of O&M: 1.9.2014
  • Izmir WTP: turn-key drinking water treatment plant, 360,000 m3/d, start-up: 2015
  • Siverek: municipal wastewater treatment plant, 86,000 PE, start-up: 2014
  • Adana, Catalan: Operations & maintenance of the drinking water treatment plant in Adana (500,000 m3/d),
    start of O&M: May 2013
  • Gaziantep: Operations & maintenance of all wastewater treatment plants in Gaziantep including the
    main WWTP (260,000 m3/d), Start of O&M: 2013
  • Adana West: municipal wastewater treatment plant, 250,000 m3/d, DBO project, start-up: 2003,
    Operations & maintenance ongoing
  • Adana East: municipal wastewater treatment plant, 210,000 m3/d, DBO project, start-up: 2006,
    Extension of odour treatment plant in 2013/2014, Operations & maintenance ongoing
  • Kayseri: municipal wastewater treatment plant, 800,000 p.e., DBO project, start-up: 2003



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