Las Esclusas WWTP - WABAG forays into Latin America

Major order for the Las Esclusas Wastewater treatment plant in Guayaquil, Ecuador (US$ 98 million)

WABAG has been focusing on the Latin American market for the last three years and has now bagged a major order in Ecuador worth around USD 98 million. A Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) is to be built for the eco-friendly treatment of municipal wastewater in Guayaquil, which is Ecuador’s largest city and is inhabited by 2 million people. The new facility is to receive EIB and IBRD funding and will be designed for a maximum capacity of 630,000 m3/d, which will make it one of the largest of its type in Ecuador. Las Esclusas WWTP is the largest water technology project to be allocated in Latin America in 2016. The municipal body (EMAPAG) is the customer in Guayaquil and WABAG won this contract in partnership with Hidalgo e Hidalgo (HeH). The plant will become operational in the first half of 2020.  

WABAG has found an ideal partner in HeH, an Ecuadorian market leader and one of the largest infrastructure development companies in the LATAM region. WABAG has brought its technical expertise into the joint venture, as well as the required references, which represented crucial and specific project criteria. WABAG’s share would be around forty per cent of the order value.  

The order involves the construction of a new treatment plant (capacity 230,000 m3/d in dry weather and max. 630,000 m3/d in rainy seasons) and the renewal of the pump station equipment, the building of a pressure pipeline to the new treatment plant as well as a treated sewage outfall pipe up to the Guyas River. The WWTP is to be built as a primary treatment plant with the option to upgrade to secondary treatment at a later stage. The process consists of screens, grit chamber, flocculation, pre-aeration and primary clarifiers, as well as the anaerobic treatment of the resulting sewage sludge in digesters. The biogas produced during sludge stabilisation will be used for electricity generation to ensure plant operation on a self – sustained basis.  

The project partners WABAG and HeH will be responsible for the entire construction works, the equipment supply, installation and commissioning of the plant, and subsequent operational management supervision for a period of six months.

Rajiv Mittal, the WABAG Group CEO, is delighted by this major success and envisages major potential for WABAG in Latin America: “Market entry with the major Las Esclusas contract represents a milestone for WABAG. We hope to capture a larger chunk of the market and employ our expertise for the realisation of major projects in the areas of drinking water, seawater desalination, industrial water and wastewater as well.”