AVR-Rotterdam, Thermal Desalination, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Client:AVR - Afvalverwerking Rijmond
Location:Rotterdam, Netherlands
Capacity:2 x 12.000 m3/d


  • The two Multi Effect Distillation (MED) units with a daily capacity of 24.000 m3 supply process water to a number of plants in the industrial complex of Rotterdam harbor. Waste heat of incinerators is provided to the MED plant as heat source for the thermal desalination process
  • Plant key data:
    • Process: MED Multi Effect Distillation
    • Type: HTE Horizontal Tube
    • Evaporation
    • Operating temperature: < 65 °C
    • Distillate quality: < 5 µS/cm
    • Availability: > 95%
  • Process steps:
    • Raw water pre-treatment
    • pre-heating of raw water
    • raw water injection into effects
    • steam production
    • condensation.