Paradip, ETP and Water-Reclamation, Odisha, India
Location:Odisha, India
Capacity:54,000 m3/d


  • Effluent treatment and water reclamation plant for a new 15 MMTPA grassroots refinery facilities of IOCL
  • Tailor-made, multil-stage treatment systems including hard COD and VOC treatment as well as sludge treatment
  • Achieving 75% water recovery
  • EPC order

Main components:

  • Effluent treatment plant:
     API Separator
     TPI Separator
     DAF system
     Intermediate equalization tank and slop oil zanks
     VOC treatment
     Biotower
     Activated sludge tank
     Secondary clarifier
     Bio DAF
     Intermediate check basin for monitoring performance parameters
  • Tertiary treatment – water reclamation plant:
     Rapid-gravity sand filters
     Basket strainers
     Ultrafiltration
     Reverse Osmosis
     RO reject treatment  
  • Sludge treatment:
     Sludge thickening and dewatering in centrifuges