Sohar International Port, Desalination (RO), Sohar, Oman
Client:Majis Industrial Services (MIS)
Location:Sohar, Oman
Capacity:20,000 m3/d


  • WABAG has completed a seawater desalination plant for the new Sohar International Port Complex (SIPC) in Oman. The water treatment system comprises membrane filtration with a capacity of 20,000 m3/d followed by a two-stage reverse osmosis plant with a capacity of 5×4,000m3/d for the desalination of seawater.
  • 8,000 m3/day of the produced water is process water for the industrial complex, 12,000 m3/day is potable water for the residents of Sohar city.
  • WABAG was responsible for the design, engineering, project management, commissioning and operational management of the plant.


  • Seawater intake system
  • Pre-treatment: Microfiltration
  • Desalination:
    – Double stage reverse osmosis for process water.
    – Single stage reverse osmosis for potable water
    – Pressure exchanger based energy recovery system
  • Post-treatment: Neutralisation system, pH adjustment and disinfection of potable water