Important export success for VA TECH WABAG Brno: USD 19 million order from Vietnam

Industrial water treatment plant for the Long Phu 1 thermal power plant 

The Russian company, OJSC Power Machines, a partner of the international PM-PTSC consortium, which is acting as the general contractor for the construction of the Long Phu 1 thermal power plant, selected WABAG as a sub-contractor for this project and the order contract was signed in mid-May 2016. The Long Phu plant will have a total capacity of 1.2 GW and supply its owner, the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (Petrovietnam), with electricity. The ground-breaking ceremony for the power plant took place in September 2015 and when finished, it will house two generators and be a key element in Vietnam’s national power master plan. The plant will go into phased operation in 2018 and 2019.  

OJSC Power Machines, a Russian manufacturer and supplier of equipment for power plants and a partner of the general contractor consortium completing the important Long Phu power project in Vietnam, has awarded VA TECH WABAG Czech Republic a contract worth around USD 19 million. WABAG Brno, part of the multinational WABAG Group, is the competence centre for industrial water treatment within WABAG’s European cluster.  

The new power plant will be located on the Mekong Delta in the southern Vietnamese province of Soc Trang. It is intended to both boost the national power supply and general socio-economic development in the surrounding region. The plant will be coal-fired and thus demand considerable amounts of industrial water. Consequently, optimum water treatment is essential, as boiler feed water in particular must demonstrate a specific purity sufficient to guarantee operational safety and generator efficiency.

The Long Phu power plant’s water source is severely polluted river water containing large quantities of biological impurities, suspended solids and oil. The water is also brackish and highly saline, and therefore requires purification in order to meet the power plant’s specific needs.      

WABAG Brno, which specialises in the design and installation of tailor-made solutions for complete water treatment plants, is to provide three water treatment packages. The first two will consist of a pre-treatment plant for clarification and filtration (22,080 m3/d) and a reverse osmosis desalination system that will produce feed water for the demineralisation plant and potable water using ultrafiltration and ion exchange technology (7,200 m3/d). The third package will comprise a demineralisation system employing reverse osmosis (3,480 m3/d) for the boiler feed water supply. Peripheral components such as those required for storage and chemical dosing stations will also be included and WABAG is to assume responsibility for design and engineering, the supply of mechanical and electromechanical equipment, the supervision of installation, testing, commissioning and the training of operating personnel. Start of commissioning is foreseen for the beginning of 2018.

WABAG not only provided the best technical solution, but also offered the customer additional benefits such as insurance coverage from the EGAP Czech Republic and the delivery of major components from the Czech Republic.

According to Lubomír Němec, the VA TECH WABAG CEO in the Czech Republic: “Long Phu is another important step for WABAG on its road to entering new market regions. We are very proud of our selection as a partner in the realisation of this key project for the people of Vietnam and see the contractual award as evidence of our competence and reliability.”

Once online, the power plant will produce a volume of energy that would be sufficient to supply approximately 4 million Vietnamese homes. It is one of three power stations planned for the Long Phu Power Center.

For WABAG, this project will represent an important reference in a new market and furthermore the company envisages further potential emanating from continued cooperation with UJSC Power Machines in relation to other projects in Eastern markets.