In safe hands: used water management for the city of Istanbul – the first twelve months

On September 1st 2014 WABAG Turkey took over the operational management of the used water systems of Istanbul with its 16 million inhabitants and thus assumed responsibility for the smooth running of sixty treatment plants with a total throughput of over 5 million m3/d and 64 pumping stations. Now, after the first twelve months of O&M, the company is able to present a positive résumé.  

Used water management for the 16-million metropolis on two continents

The demands related to the safe and efficient operational management of used water treatment plants are manifold and therefore an increasing number of authorities are entrusting competent external partners with these complicated tasks. Accordingly, with the award of this contract to WABAG, ISKI the responsible authority in Istanbul, has secured the professional support and maintenance of its complex used water infrastructure by an expert company. 

After the first year of operations, WABAG Turkey can point to a positive overall, interim balance, the achievement of high levels of client satisfaction and thus confirmation of the confidence placed in it.

A challenging assignment: 124 locations, 5,200,000 m3/d of municipal used water

A network of 124 facilities comprised of large to compact used water treatment plants and pumping stations has to be administered around the clock in order to ensure smooth and environmentally compatible wastewater disposal.

Every day, a total of 4.2 million m3 of municipal used water pass through the mechanical treatment phases at nine partly enormous, pre-treatment facilities, as well as a further 51 mechanical/biological plants. In addition, 64 used water pumping stations have to be serviced. 

Biological treatment plants for water and climate protection

Roughly 1 million m3 of used water are treated biologically, the bulk of which is dealt with by three central plants in Tuzla, Pasaköy and Ataköy with capacities of between 250,000 and 400,000 m3/d. These large facilities are also equipped with energy-efficient sludge treatment systems, whereby the biogas originating from anaerobic stabilisation in digesters is turned into electricity in combined heat and power units. 23 MWel of eco-energy is thus generated, which for example would be sufficient to supply the electricity needs of a town in Turkey with a population of around 300,000.

A team of local employees numbering around 700 will carry out the multifarious tasks linked to the daily operation, servicing and maintenance of the plants.

Technical cooperation: technologies under joint further development

WABAG clients such as ISKI not only benefit from professional operational management because as an international systems supplier WABAG can offer comprehensive experience in tandem with high levels of technological competence and the latest developments derived from its own research activities. This guarantees both the optimisation of client plants and their equipping in readiness for future demands.

R&D of this type has also taken place in Istanbul. Three pilot plants have been installed to date and will provide fresh results for innovative technologies and enhanced used water treatment efficiency for the city.

In a very short time, WABAG Turkey, which was only founded in 2010, has become firmly established as one of the country’s leading suppliers of water engineering solutions and is especially gratified by the order from Istanbul, which has a value of some EUR 50 million: 

Mahmut Gedek, the WABAG Turkey CEO: “We are very proud of this order which represents a milestone in WABAG’s 90-year history. Since 2010, our young team in Istanbul has attained success through hard work and exceptional commitment. It goes without saying that for us the contract from WABAG Turkey’s home city has a special significance and we will continue to everything in our power to complete the tasks allotted to us.”