New order for WABAG from Egypt: A wastewater treatment plant for the city of Port Said with a value of over EUR 9 million


VA TECH WABAG GmbH in Vienna has recently received another contract from Egypt. This is the fourth order from this Arab country within two years and the second for the city of Port Said.  A new wastewater treatment plant is to be built on the basis of the biological SBR process and with end disinfection, which means that the cleaned water can be reused for irrigation purposes. The plant will be designed and built for a treatment capacity of 40,000 m3/d and peak performance of 107,000 m3/d. The direct customer is the local construction company SAMCO, which has been appointed as the general contractor for the project by the governmental NSPO. The wastewater treatment plant is scheduled to go into operation at the end of 2016.

Port Said, which that owes its existence to the construction of the Suez Canal, is situated at the northern end of the waterway on the Mediterranean coast. Unfortunately, the city’s existing water and wastewater treatment capacity has become unable to keep pace with the high level of population growth and therefore investments are being made in the related infrastructure.

As the general contractor, the local construction company SAMCO has allocated WABAG an order for the complete wastewater treatment plant technology, which includes the design, engineering and supply of the electro-mechanical equipment, installation, start-up supervision and 12 months of O&M in the guarantee phase.  

The plant will have a capacity of 40,000 m3/d and peak load capacity of 107,000 m3/d, and is being designed to accommodate subsequent enlargement to 65,000 m3/d. The technology to be used will combine conventional, mechanical pre-treatment steps, a biological phase based on the sequencing batch reactor (SBR) process with extended aeration for simultaneous, aerobic sludge stabilisation, and end disinfection. The stabilised sludge will be thickened and subsequently transferred to sludge drying beds with a total area of around 9,000 m2. Half of the purified and disinfected water will be fed into Lake Manzala, while the remainder will be reused for landscaping and irrigation purposes.

This latest order is the second to be received from Port Said in quick succession. In April 2014, the Suez Canal Authority awarded WABAG a contract for the planning and completion of the El Raswa water treatment plant and in addition two other projects are being dealt with simultaneously. These consist of a drinking water treatment plant in Suez and a highly modern wastewater treatment plant for the sustainable reuse of the cleaned water for the new Madinaty satellite town, which is currently being built near Cairo.   

All in all, the current order backlog in Egypt amounts to around EUR 40 million and reflects WABAG’s lengthy business connections with the nation on the Nile. In fact, the company has been active in the local market since the 1980s and has completed over 20 water and wastewater plants for both municipal and industrial purposes.