WABAG has captured another contract from Turkey having received an order worth over EUR 6 million for building of a municipal wastewater treatment plant near Ankara.


The contract was not exactly a seasonal gift, but nonetheless WABAG was able to conclude the project agreement on Christmas Day 2014. With its local partner ECETAS, WABAG is to complete the “Construction of Polatli Wastewater treatment plant and Wastewater Collection Network and Collectors” project, which has a total value of around EUR 13 million. The plant is being co-financed by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey.  

The contract with the client, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, was signed and sealed on 25 December 2014. It relates to the building of a new municipal wastewater treatment plant and sewerage network in Polatli, a city with a population of 120,000, which is located in central Anatolia in the vicinity of Ankara, the Turkish capital.   

The wastewater treatment plant will be equipped with conventional mechanical/biological treatment technology on the basis of the activated sludge process, and also incorporate carbon and nitrogen removal. In addition, the plant will operate using aerobic sludge treatment, sludge dewatering and a biological waste air filter. The facility will correspond with EU regulations regarding environment-friendly wastewater treatment and in particular with the Environmental Impact Assessment Report.

The treatment plant will have a capacity of roughly 20,000 m3/d. However, overall plant design and parts of the buildings and electro-mechanical equipment will be designed and installed to accommodate a planned subsequent extension to 27,800 m3/d. Plant start-up is scheduled for autumn 2016.  

WABAG has partnered with the experienced, local specialist company ECETAS for the completion of the “collection network and collectors” section of the contract. An optimized process design, the high quality of the quotation and last, but not least, the competitive offer proved convincing for the customer. As a result, during an international tendering process, the WABAG and ECETAS consortium was able to beat off challenges from twelve competitors.

Turkey is to invest roughly EUR 13 million in the project of which WABAG’s share will amount to some EUR 6 million. The financing is to be provided by the national government and the EU within the framework of the IPA programme.  

Following the wastewater treatment plant in Siverek and the drinking water plant in Izmir, Polatli represents the third EPC contract to be received by WABAG in Turkey within three years. In addition, the company is also exceptionally successful in the operational plant management area. WABAG is currently responsible for the Operations & Maintenance of the entire water and wastewater plants in the large city of Adana, all the wastewater treatment plants in the city of Gaziantep, and since the autumn of 2014, the complete wastewater infrastructure of the Asian part of the Istanbul metropolis. 

Mahmut Gedek, the WABAG Managing Director in Istanbul, sees this latest success as follows: “We are naturally delighted by this new project in central Turkey and regard it as evidence of the trust placed in us by our clients. With its wastewater collection network, the plant will represent an interesting reference for the WABAG Group as a whole and also serve to consolidate our competences in this area.”