WABAG receives Global Water Distinction Award

WABAG has received the Distinction Award for the “Industrial Water Project of the Year 2015” at the Global Water Summit in Athens, Greece.

“Pioneering industrial MBR in West Africa”

The award was presented by José Manuel Barroso President of the European Commission (2004-2014) and Prime Minister of Portugal (2002-2004) on the evening of the 27 April 2015 at the Nasioutzik Museum, Athens to Amit Sengupta, Erik Göthlin und Kunal Shah.

The Award was given on account of following unique features:

  • Windhoek continues to be a global pioneer of water reuse. Simultaneously the first industrial water reclamation plant and the first wastewater MBR plant in Namibia, the Ujams project is the latest in a long line of innovations. Veolia and WABAG previously joined forces to commission the world’s first direct potable reuse plant in Windhoek back in 2001.


  • While consumers worldwide remain squeamish about the toilet-to-tap process, Namibia – the most arid country in sub-Saharan Africa – has been using recycled water for a wide variety of applications for more than a decade. This project will see effluent treated to standards suitable not only for industrial process water and irrigation, but also for blending in with the city’s drinking water at the Swakoppoort Dam.


  • The complex range of contaminants in the feedwater – a blend of wastewater streams from a brewery, an abattoir, a tannery, a beverage company and a chocolate producer – presented a serious challenge. With a successful seven-month onsite trial, WABAG proved the mettle of an innovative treatment train using its inhouse developed fine sieving pre-treatment process, MICROPUR®. Combining this with MBR, UV disinfection, sludge treatment and exhaust air treatment, UWTC leveraged the best expertise the private sector had to offer to make its partnership work.

The Award is a high honor for WABAG considering the UJAMS project as an exemplary contribution to a sustainable water resource management.