Water Reuse

Water Reuse

Sustainability through water recycling

In view of the limited availability of water and the necessity of conserving existing reserves, the use of water recycling concepts within the scope of sustainable water management strategies is of enormous importance. Water recycling increases the availability of this precious resource for both private, commercial, agricultural and industrial needs, and also improves the security of supply.

In recent years, WABAG has completed a range of water recycling and reuse projects for both municipal and industrial purposes.

In the industrial sector, WABAG has focused on the planning and completion of wastewater reclamation plants for the pulp and paper, foods, textile and chemicals sectors, as well as for oil refineries. These plants were completed to the complete satisfaction of the customers.

Furthermore, in Windhoek/Namibia, WABAG has built the world’s first plant for the recycling of wastewater into drinking water.

We always apply economic and demand criteria, such as the removal of impurities and  hygiene standards, to the realisation of innovative processes.

WABAG employs the following key technologies:

  • MARAPUR® – Membrane bioreactor (MBR)
  • Membrane filtration (MF, UF, NF)
  • Reverse osmosis (RO)
  • BIOPUR® – Biofiltration

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