Biological Nutrient Removal

In connection with global discharge requirements, one of the major changes is the shift to nutrient removal (nitrogen and phosphorus) to avert eutrophication. A traditional approach for nutrient removal will mean a doubling of the existing energy used to treat wastewater and a reduction in the potential gas production from the digestion of biological sludge.

Biological Nutrient Removal

About two decades ago, a “new” cacteria named Anammox was discovered that is able to transfer nitrogen from ammonia and nitrite to free nitrogen following a completely different pathway. When following this pathway, the following advantages compared to nitrification-denitrification can be gained:
a. 63% reduction in oxygen demand (electrical power) and nearly 100% reduction in carbon demand
b. 80% reduction in sludge production

Since Anammox was discovered, WABAG has worked together with the Suisse Federal Research institute (EAWAG) to develop a new technology that is able to best possible profit from this bacteria. Having tested different technology approaches like Sequencing Batch Reactors and Aerobic Granules, the solution provides the best process stability. Fixation of the Anammox bacteria on WABAG’s proprietary FLUOPUR MBBR media provides a new technology for deammonification — DAMOPUR.

DAMOPUR has now been successfully implemented in two wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) in Switzerland.

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