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CSR is an integral part of our business — that is, producing clean and safe drinking water, wastewater treatment, preventing pollution, and preserving the environment around us. It has been our corporate philosophy and continued focus to give back to society to improve the quality of life of the marginalised sections of the society within the framework of our expertise.

With this end in view, we implement CSR programmes in terms of water augmentation, water conservation, water use efficiency, water reuse, restoration of water bodies, watershed development and provision of potable water to the school children and hospitals in our neighbourhood, and actively contribute to achieving Sustainable Development Goals like economic prosperity, social inclusion and environmental sustainability.

Rajiv MittalMD & Group CEO

CSR Management

WABAG constituted a CSR Committee of the Board consisting of 3 Directors with an independent Director. The CSR Committee formulates CSR policy and monitors it from time to time. A formal process of projects approval is in place with each project being vetted by the Sub-Committee and reviewed by the Committee. The CSR program implementation is done either direct or through NGOs as the case may be.

CSR Strategy

In line with our vision, we have evolved a multi-pronged strategy for CSR implementation:

Focus on water

Water augmentation, water conservation, water use efficiency and water reuse would be the key elements of our CSR programs.

This strategic plan paid rich dividends in improving the lives and livelihoods of marginal farmers in Mailam Block which is over-exploited groundwater resource area.

The strategic CSR investment had a catalytic effect of economic sustainability over and above water sustainability. We have also tweaked a model farm on micro irrigation to demonstrate WABAG’s commitment to water conservation.

Water Sustainability

With a view to ensure water sustainability and to make the communities’ climate resilient, WABAG invests in watershed development to achieve additional objectives:

  • Restoration of degraded land
  • In-situ water harvesting
  • Productivity enhancement
  • Community asset creation
  • Employment generation

Focus on Sanitation

Our CSR strategy is also based on ‘soft’ approach, that is, to build capacity – knowledge and skills in water and sanitation.

This ‘soft’ intervention also brought about sea change in terms of health and hygiene practices like hand washing, women adopting good menstrual hygiene, not allowing stagnant water and demand generation leading to the larger objective of a model village with ODF focus.

CSR Projects

  • Water Treatment Facility for Sristhi Trust Munnar.

    Ponds Renovation at two villages at Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu.

  • Water Treatment Plant at Voluntary Health Services, Adyar, Chennai.

    Micro Irrigation at Sevalaya Complex, Trivellore District and at National Agro Foundation Training Complex, Kanchipuram District.

  • Capacity Building for Wetlands and Restoration of Narayanapuram Wetland partnering Care Earth Trust.

    Design, Construction and Dedication of Sewage Treatment Plant to The Cancer Institute, Adyar, Chennai.

  • Health and Hygiene Project at Viralipatti, Pudukottai District, Tamil Nadu in partnership with the Centre for Science, Technology and Development Studies.

    Water Augmentation Project at Mailam Block, Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu in partnership with MS Swaminathan Research Foundation.

  • Restoration of traditional irrigation system at Killai Village, Chidambaram Taluk, Cuddalore District

    RO Plant at Valluvar Gurukulam, part of Hindu Mission Hospital Group to benefit 2500 school children

  • Memorandum of Understanding with IIT Kanpur to develop a few sustainable villages on the river banks of Ganga

    Watershed Development Projects at Tuticorin District, Dindigul District and Virudunagar District, Tamil Nadu

  • Watershed Development Project at West Bengal in six districts partnering Bharat Rural Livelihood Foundation

    Water Augmentation Project at Mailam Block, Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu – Phase II;

  • Watershed Development projects at Cuddalore District in partnership with Hand in Hand India

    Watershed Development project at Pulleri village, Kanchipuram District in partnership with National Agro Foundation

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