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Message from CMD

It has been our corporate philosophy and continued focus to give back to society to improve the quality of life of the people within the framework of our expertise. WABAG exists to provide clean and safe drinking water, preventing pollution by Wastewater treatment and preserving the environment around us. Our motto is to provide “sustainable solutions for a better life”. One of the key principles of sustainability is TO DO MORE WITH LESS. It means conducting activities smoothly and efficiently in ways that are economical, renewable and repeatable. To ensure this, we adopt green technologies integrating sustainable processes.

Our innovative technologies and processes not only enhance effectiveness of renewable resources but also reduce adverse environmental impact. Our objective is to progressively increase the use of clean and green technologies and reduce pollution through deployment of superior design,operation and maintenance processes and through energy efficient alternatives leading to environmental conservation and cost optimization. Towards this end, we focus on efficient use of material, energy and water.

Our philanthropic investments on sustainability also focus on elixir of life, that is, water in terms of water augmentation, water conservation, water use efficiency and water reuse.

We not only contribute to the Goal 6 of the 17 Sustainability Development Goals (SDG), that is, Clean Water and Sanitation direct but also focus our efforts towards achieving six other goals in terms of Good Health and Well Being, Affordable and Clean Energy, Industry Innovation and Infrastructure, Sustainable Cities and Communities, Life on land and not the least, Climate Action.

Rajiv Mittal

Rajiv Mittal
CMD & Group CEO

Message from Director/CGO

Sustainability is an integral part of business in WABAG. Almost all the projects executed by WABAG are aimed at minimizing the impact on the environment that includes reduction of power consumption; reduction of carbon emission; effluent management; use of sustainable energy and recycling practices. Waste water treatment is one of the critical indicators that drive sustainability leading to environmental protection.

WABAG execute projects for water reuse and ZLD for petrochemical industries and energy positive waste water treatment plants wherein we convert waste (bio-gas) into energy to run the waste water treatment plants on self-sustaining basis. Carbon free Green power is produced by converting the methane gas into electricity. Our Technology addresses the significant cost of running these plants by generating captive power without emission of carbon.

Further, the customer concerned is eligible for carbon credit under Kyoto Protocol. This goes to demonstrate sustainability of our technology.

Finally, WABAG continues to promote R&D efforts in this direction. In fact, currently, Chennai R&D Centre is working on projects towards achieving reduced chemical consumption and also safe disposal of membranes in an environmental friendly manner.

Varadarajan S

Varadarajan S
Director & Chief Growth Officer

Quality Management

WABAG is committed to providing innovative and sustainable water technology solutions to its customers. To ensure timely completion of our projects ensuring the highest quality, we offer structural safeguards through the implementation of the WABAG quality management system, which conforms to international standards ISO 9001:2015. The well-developed procedures ensure utmost client satisfaction culminating into state of the art water treatment plants.

QHSE - Quality Management

Health & Safety

WABAG is committed to safeguarding the health and safety of its stakeholders by providing an incident free environment through technological innovation, training, procedures and bench-marking. This in turn improves the productivity and operational efficiency thereby complementing timely delivery of the project.

QHSE - Health & Safety


Being a water technology company, safeguarding the environment is of prime importance, and the same is part of the planning and execution phases of all WABAG products and services.

WABAG mission is to improve the environmental operations that foster a sustainable future by adopting measures for the minimization of damage to the environment and effective utilization and reuse of resources through waste management, energy management, water management and awareness across communities. WABAG has an effective Environmental Management System, and is certified to ISO 14001:2015.

QHSE - Environment

ISO Certifications
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WABAG Turkey

Safety Initiatives

Performance Monitoring – Audits and assessments

The HSE Performance of sites is monitored through a well-developed Internal and external audit system. Continual improvement remains at the core as we review the Integrated Management System periodically. WABAG has a self-developed HSE index system, which helps in:

  1. Verification of the safety process and procedure implementation
  2. Identifying the gaps and areas for improvement
  3. Standardizing the HSE process across the projects
  4. Identifying the best practices and sharing with other projects
Performance Monitoring
Performance Monitoring

Safety Walkthrough & Committee Meetings

Site Management involvement is vital in understanding the areas of concern and taking improvement actions. At WABAG, safety committees are formed at each Project site, chaired by the head of the project, with representation from the safety team, engineers, contractors and workers. Workers are motivated to maintain a positive safety culture by showing them that their opinions are valued within the team and they are an integral part of maintaining a safe working environment. The site team also performs Safety Walks to see first-hand the safety issues and propose solutions at the spot.


HSE Training

HSE training, both internal and external are conducted as part of a competency building and awareness creation exercise. The training is imparted across the organisation, including head offices and project/ operation & maintenance sites.

At project sites, training is given to all the personnel involved in the project (Client, contractor, sub-contractor, WABAG employees). The project sites have a specific training plan developed based on the nature of hazards. The training includes familiarisation training on HSE plans, operation control & safe operation procedures, reporting methodology, Hazard Identification and Risk Management (HIRA), Environmental Aspect/Impact. Training is provided to carry out risk assessments by a thorough analysis of the workplace hazards. The HIRA register is then provided for implementation. In every project, the lessons learnt are captured and the best practices shared are communicated and the same is incorporated into the existing program.

HSE training
HSE training

Remote Monitoring System

Bringing digitalisation into HSE Performance, WABAG performs central monitoring of its projects at its Head Office. The sites are connected to HO through CCTV and displays are available at various levels, including the top management which helps in identifying areas of concern for immediate action.

Green Initiatives

We at WABAG truly believe that green and sustainable practices start at home, which has brought several feathers to its cap. In recognition to our practice of sustainability WABAG has been felicited with number of awards and accolades from the industry experts. WABAG House has been certified as platinum rated green building by CII-IGBC under O&M existing building category and is the 56 th building in India. CII has recognised WABAG House as one of the top 13 energy efficient units of India for the year 2018. CII-IGBC recognised WABAG House as one of the top 100 corporate green buildings in India.

Green Initiatives
Green Initiatives

Social Initiatives

CSR is an integral part of our business – that is, producing clean and safe drinking water, wastewater treatment, preventing pollution, and preserving the environment around us. It has been our corporate philosophy and continued focus to give back to society to improve the quality of life of the marginalised sections of the society within the framework of our expertise.

With this end in view, we implement CSR programmes in terms of water augmentation, water conservation, water use efficiency, water reuse, and restoration of water bodies, watershed development and provision of treated water to the rural communities, schools and hospitals where such interventions are a felt necessity and actively contribute to achieving Sustainable Development Goals like economic prosperity, social inclusion and environmental sustainability.

Social Initiatives
Social Initiatives

Sustainable solutions. For a better life.

The WABAG Group head quartered in Chennai with its global presence in 4 Continents and more than 20 countries has a work-force of more than 2,000. With a history dating back more than ninety years, the group has emerged as a leading pure play water technology player across the globe with focus on emerging markets.

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