Industrial wastewater treatment

Industrial wastewater contains a diversity of impurities and for this reason, its treatment demands proven technological know-how. Furthermore, the global discharge standards for industrial effluent are constantly being made stringent. Closed water circuits and water reuse are becoming an increasing priority among manufacturing companies.

WABAG’s technological know-how is backed by its long-term experience in the industrial wastewater treatment sector. The resulting know-how is advantageously employed for the technical and economic optimization of every subsequent facility. The treatment process may contain mechanical, biological and chemical- physical process steps.

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Around the world, WABAG stands for innovative solutions in the water engineering sector. As an internationally respected expert group, WABAG is known as a systems specialist and full service provider with a focus on planning, design, installation and operation of water and wastewater plants for municipalities and industries in the growth markets of Asia, Africa, Middle East, Latin America, the Central and Eastern Europe. The WABAG Group is a leading multinational player with a workforce of over 2,000 and has companies and offices in more than 20 countries.

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