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MICROPUR® – Advanced, mechanical pre-treatment for state-of-the-art wastewater treatment

MICROPUR® ist the latest WABAG development to emanate from the result of comprehensive experience and in-house research. This innovative, fine sieving process provides progressive, mechanical pre-treatment which removes virtually all the coarse contaminants (hair and fibres) from the wastewater. Thus reducing the load on downstream treatment steps and improving their operational safety. Screenings are directly dewatered to a concentration level suitable for digestion or incineration.

The aim is to reduce investment costs and and operating expenditure. The process is suitable for both municipal and industrial wastewater plants.


  • Highly effective pre-treatment
  • Small footprint
  • Enhanced removal rates
  • Free-standing or channel installation module
  • Various mesh sizes (250-710 µm) and materials
  • Integrated thickening and dewatering
  • Modular set-up
  • Fully automated equipment

When this fine sieving process is employed upstream of a membrane bioreactor (MICROPUR-MBR®), the related technology guarantees secure and stable system operation. Moreover, through its use for pre-treatment prior to a conventional activated sludge process (MICROPUR-CAS® ), the required activated tank volume is reduced significantly, which results in lower investment costs.


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