Sludge Treatment

For WABAG, sludge treatment is an integral part of efficient wastewater treatment. In addition, the anaerobic stabilization of sewage sludge can secure an ecologically and economically advantageous supply of energy through the use of biogas.

Large wastewater treatment plants are thus able to cover up to 100 per cent of their power requirements. By innovation in sludge management, WABAG also helps cities across the globe cope with the issue of sludge management due to land scarcity.

Sustainable solutions. For a better life.

The WABAG Group with its internationally operative companies in Vienna and Chennai has a work-force of around 2,000 and is represented via companies and offices in 25 countries. The Group’s focus is on emerging markets in Europe, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, India and south-east Asia.

With a history dating back more than ninety years, the WABAG Group represents both a traditional and highly modern business organisation in the field of water technology.

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