Aerobic Granular Biomass Technology – NEREDA®: A Sustainable Wastewater Treatment Option

Submitted by Dr. Yagna Prasad K (Chief Technology Officer, CTO - E&T)

Aerobic granulation is seen as the future standard for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment and subsequently research efforts are quickly developing in this field. As an outcome of a concerted Dutch program, an aerobic granular biomass technology has been scaled-up... Continue Reading

Vacuum Membrane Distillation (VMD) Pilot Plant tests at IOCL, Panipat, India

Submitted by Suraj Babu Pillai (Senior Engineer - Process & Technology)

Membrane Distillation is a thermal separation process during which only water vapour passes through a hydrophobic membrane. The driving force in the MD process is the difference in vapour pressure induced by vacuum and decrease in temperature across the membrane... Continue Reading

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