Water Treatment

Water Treatment

WABAG promotes best-in-class, own technologies like BIODEN® for selective nitrate removal, our innovative Lamella Clarifier technology OPUR-SK as well as advanced Adsorption and Membrane Filtration processes (PACOPUR®, CERAMOPUR®, CERAMOZONE®) to provide you with comprehensive and individual water treatment solutions. By integrating a wide spectrum of chemical, physical and biological processes, our solutions ensure efficient extraction of potable water from all the available sources of fresh water as well as used water for direct or indirect potable reuse.

WABAG follows the most exacting standards of water treatment to ensure safe and secure supply of water. Our water treatment facilities are highly scalable and can be established to suit any business model, be it EPC, DBO or BOOT.

Our global references enable production of > 19 million m3 of pure water every day, thus benefiting over 96 million people globally.

Cases in point include such large scale projects as Panjrapur (455 MLD) in India, Izmir (360 MLD) in Turkey, Upper Ruvu WTP (200 MLD) in Tanzania or Putatan (150 MLD) at the Philippines, where high-quality, treated water quenches the thirst of millions of people every day.

Desalination For Potable Use

With the experience and expertise gained over three decades, WABAG is one among the world’s most acknowledged experts in desalination. According to Global Water Intelligence, WABAG is one of the top 10 desalination companies globally. Our desalination technologies comprise both Reverse Osmosis and Thermal Desalination.

WABAG delivers end-to-end desalination solutions from deep seawater intake and outflow structures to the post-treatment of the product-water.

Our global references enable production of 1,000,000 m3 of desalinated water every day, thus benefiting over 3.5 million people globally and ensuring water security for numerous industrial establishments.

Global references include the landmark projects at Nemmeli at Chennai, India, and Al- Ghubra at Oman, where we have ensured water security to a large population.

Wastewater Treatment

The effective management of wastewater generated by rapidly growing cities has become a serious issue affecting the health and productivity of burgeoning population. WABAG promotes sustainability with wastewater treatment solutions that ensure environmentally friendly discharge or reuse of treated wastewater. In addition, WABAG promotes a comprehensive wastewater treatment model that focuses on resource recovery through a combination of innovative technologies.

WABAG provides a range of optimal solutions extending from highly effective pre-treatment (MICROPUR ®) to complete nutrient-removal. The key technologies employed include single and dual-stage (Hybrid™) activated sludge processes, granular activated sludge process using Nereda ® technology, SBR (CYCLOPUR ®) membrane bioreactor technology (MARAPUR ®), biofiltration (BIOPUR ®) and moving bed biological reactor and IFAS (FLUOPUR ®).

Our global references ensure treatment of around 30 million m3 of wastewater every day, thus protecting the people and the environment.

Plants like Adana West & East in Turkey, treating 250,000 m3 & 210,000 m3 of influent every day, and Kodungaiyur in Chennai (110,000 m3/d) or Kondli in Delhi (204,500 m3/d), are some of the marquee references in our wastewater treatment portfolio.

Furthermore, WABAG has been involved in the R&D aimed at elimination of micro-pollutants for more than a decade. As a result, WABAG is one of the few companies able to offer all the relevant technologies such as ozonation (BIOZONE®) and activated carbon adsorption (CARBOPUR®, PACOUR®), as well as their combination. Meanwhile WABAG has emerged as a pioneer in this special field and market leader in Switzerland. Till date, WABAG has successfully commissioned 7 WWTPs with a cumulative capacity of 150,000 m3/d and has 11 WWTPs under construction, aimed at removal of micro-pollutants.

Water Reclamation

WABAG has been a pioneer in state-of-the-art water reuse and reclamation systems meant for agricultural, domestic and industrial applications. It is needless to say, in the world we live in today, water is too precious to be used just once.

Based upon the need and application of the reclaimed water, we employ processes such as Multi Barrier systems, Micro- Filtration, Tertiary Ultra-Filtration, Reverse Osmosis, Advanced Oxidation Processes and Disinfection for Reservoir Augmentation.

WABAG designed and built the world’s first direct potable reuse plant in Windhoek, Namibia, securing the supply of safe water for people in that arid region – an achievement of which we are especially proud.

WABAG has designed and built the Koyambedu Tertiary Treatment Reverse Osmosis (TTRO) plant at Chennai, India, one of India’s largest and technologically most advanced water reuse plant.

Sludge Treatment

With the increase in volume of treated sewage, cities and municipalities across the globe are grappling with the issue of sludge management. Sludge is rich in organic matter; when treated properly, it becomes a resource rather than a liability. WABAG’s proven technological know-how in sludge management allows the utilisation of valuable biogas, which in turn serves as the energy source for an entire wastewater treatment plant thereby rendering it energy-neutral.

The savings that result from such a self-sustaining process are substantial both in terms of operational expenditure as well as in minimising the carbon footprint of the wastewater treatment facility.

Sludge treatment is an integral part of efficient wastewater treatment. In addition, the anaerobic stabilisation of sewage sludge secures an ecologically and economically advantageous supply of green energy through the use of the biogas produced. WABAG is an expert for anaerobic sludge digestion systems and has installed more than 70 plants since 1995, producing > 30 MW of green energy, thus
saving costs and contributing to climate protection.

Among the success stories of WABAG’s sludge management, two are scripted at Kodungaiyur in Chennai, India, and at Adana, Turkey. These plants have been time-tested benchmarks for sludge treatment over the years.

Sustainable solutions. For a better life.

The WABAG Group head quartered in Chennai with its global presence in 4 Continents and more than 20 countries has a work-force of more than 2,000. With a history dating back more than ninety years, the group has emerged as a leading pure play water technology player across the globe with focus on emerging markets.

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