Removal of Micro-pollutants

The discussions regarding micro-pollutants, which are substances that occur in very low concentrations (ng/l to μg/l) in water, first commenced around 2000. Owing to increasing industrialisation, population density and medication use, a growing number of micropollutants such as hormoneactive (endocrine) and pharmaceutical substances, chemicals and pesticides are entering our eco-systems. Such micropollutants are found not only in municipal wastewater but even in groundwater at some places.

While to date, treatment plants were focused mainly on the elimination of nutrients (carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus), their barriers against organic micropollutants were insufficient. Proven technologies are already available that can be used to great effect in this area, comprising oxidative, adsorptive and physical processes. WABAG possesses expertise in all of these areas.

For more than a decade, WABAG has been involved in R&D aimed at the elimination of micropollutants. Numerous research projects have been implemented, for example, in cooperation with the Swiss Federal Environmental Protection Office, the Swiss aquatic research institute, Eawag, and the Vienna University of Technology in Austria. WABAG’s patented technologies for elimination of micropollutants comprise:
Ozonation: BIOZONE®

In 2013, the first BIOZONE® customer plant went into operation in St. Pourçain-sur-Sioule, France, and since then WABAG has received contracts in Reinach, Thunersee, Altenrhein and Porrentruy in Switzerland.

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The WABAG Group head quartered in Chennai with its global presence in 4 Continents and more than 20 countries has a work-force of more than 2,000. With a history dating back more than ninety years, the group has emerged as a leading pure play water technology player across the globe with focus on emerging markets.

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