WABAG is one of the world's leading companies in the water treatment field.

WABAG receives further orders from PUB Singapore Service and Maintenance of water treatment plants for around EUR 4 million

WABAG has been a partner of the Public Utility Board (PUB) Singapore, the state-owned waterworks of the Asian city-state, for several years now and has taken over the operation and maintenance of various systems and components of the highly developed water infrastructure.

Highest standards in Singapore

PUB Singapore stands for the highest standards in water technology. Since the city-state has sufficient rainfall, but due to the small area of the country cannot collect and store rainwater sufficiently, it depends on the careful handling of this precious resource and relies increasingly on the multiple use of water. Hence, the city-state has made major investments in modern and sustainable water supply systems and has thus also advanced to become the Mecca of the global water technology industry.

The country’s 20 water, Wastewater treatment and recycling plants and associated networks are equipped with the latest technology and require professional and careful plant management. A requirement that WABAG can meet as an expert and the company has already received ten orders for O&M services in Singapore during the past years.
Now WABAG is continuing this success story with two further orders from the Public Utility Board. The company was appointed to maintain the membrane bioreactor (MBR) plant of the Changi water reclamation plant. In addition to the classic membranes of the ZEEWEED brand, new ceramic membranes from MEIDEN with a capacity of 60,000 m3/d are employed here. The contract includes operational support and preventive, predictive and trouble-free maintenance of the entire MBR plant, the heart of the treatment plant, for a period of three years.

The second new order includes service & maintenance of the exhaust air systems of various units. WABAG is responsible for the maintenance of the odor treatment systems for 35 pumping stations, 4 water reclamation plants and 7 related networks. The contract duration is three years.

These repeated orders for sophisticated and sensitive water treatment systems underline WABAG’s O&M expertise and at the same time confirm the company as an extremely competent and reliable O&M partner for Singapore’s National Water Agency PUB.

Sustainable solutions. For a better life.

The WABAG Group with its internationally operative companies in Vienna and Chennai has a work-force of around 2,000 and is represented via companies and offices in 25 countries. The Group’s focus is on emerging markets in Europe, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, India and south-east Asia.

With a history dating back more than ninety years, the WABAG Group represents both a traditional and highly modern business organisation in the field of water technology.

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